I need money for an abortion


"I can’t even afford an abortion, how can I afford more services?"

An unplanned pregnancy wasn’t part of your plan – obviously. Of course, paying for an unplanned pregnancy wasn’t part of the plan either.

But there it is – a positive pregnancy test.

You want an abortion, but you can’t afford an abortion.

What now?

Take a moment to slow down and realize you don’t have all the information you need.

A positive pregnancy test gives you some information, but it does not give you complete information.

If you’re struggling with getting the money for an abortion, an abortion consultation with free medical services is the perfect combination for you. At Alcove Health Women’s Clinic, we provide no-cost services that give you information you need before you begin the abortion process.

Paying for an abortion without knowing four things may be wasting your money. You need to know:

      1. If your pregnancy test is accurate 
      2. If your pregnancy is miscarrying or has already miscarried (did you know you can get a positive pregnancy test while miscarrying?)
      3. If your pregnancy is ectopic (that’s potentially life-threatening for you and needs immediate medical attention, not an abortion)
      4. Exactly how far along you are (especially for abortions by pill, since they have pregnancy age limitations)

How can you possibly know all that information? Well, you can’t. 

Unless you visit a place that will give you that information. That place is Alcove Health, where you can receive a lab-grade pregnancy test and an ultrasound. These medical services will answer every question above.

And you can’t get these services through the mail or a telehealth appointment. It’s not possible.

Wait a minute, you may think, I can’t even afford an abortionhow can I afford more services? Here’s the best part – the services are available at no-cost to you at Alcove Health. 

I watched a movie called The Necklace in middle school. A woman borrowed a diamond necklace – one she could never afford on her own – from a rich acquaintance. She wore it to a fancy event – but during the event, she lost it! She was devastated. She took out a loan to replace the necklace and gave it to the acquaintance – without even telling her what happened! 

The woman worked for ten years to repay the loan. Afterward, the woman ran into the rich acquaintance and finally told her what happened. The rich acquaintance was shocked. 

That necklace I let you borrow wasn’t even real, she told her! 

The woman paid for the necklace she thought she had – not the necklace she actually had. She wasted her money because she didn’t know! 

What does this have to do with abortion? An abortion you don’t need costs the same as every other abortion. It’s just as expensive whether you need it or not. Not knowing is costly!

Get complete information so you can make a wise choice for yourself and your wallet. Contact Alcove Health Women’s Clinic in Newport News, where we provide a safe space for you to process your options and receive the medically accurate information you need to make an informed decision.  Call us today at 757-591-8141 to schedule your free appointment 

By Sherri, Client Advocate



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