Can My Pregnancy Test Be Wrong?

Can My Pregnancy Test Be Wrong?

The answer you get with a home pregnancy test can be wrong - and it can take one of our lab-grade pregnancy tests to figure it out.

Last year, 15 women entered our clinic thinking they were pregnant only to receive a negative result on a no-cost lab-grade pregnancy test administered by one of our Registered Nurses. You see, the answer they got on their home pregnancy test was wrong – and it took one of our lab-grade pregnancy tests to figure it out.

For each woman, within the course of a few minutes, her whole life changed.

For some, there was sadness. They wanted to be pregnant. The negative test was a loss. They had already dreamt of the baby they thought they were carrying.

For others, though, this news was met with relief. Happiness. Almost like a secret escape hatch from the nightmare they were living. They didn’t want to be pregnant. They came to our clinic to discuss options and get more information. And with one negative test, everything was different.

It’s rare, but it is possible to get a positive result from a home pregnancy test when you’re not even pregnant.

Sure, store-bought pregnancy tests – yes, even the really cheap ones – are usually accurate when used correctly. But for 15 of our clients last year, “usually accurate” wasn’t accurate at all.

Ultimately, a positive pregnancy test alone doesn’t give enough confidence when you’re making a major life decision about your next steps.

Like whether or not you want an abortion. Abortions are expensive. So, why would you pay for one – based on the results from an at-home pregnancy test – when you may not even have a pregnancy to abort?

And abortions are costly to more than just your wallet. There’s also the cost to your emotional health.

Most women don’t come to the decision to have an abortion with delight and excitement. The language of our culture may call the right to abortion “empowering;” but when it becomes personal – for many women – abortion is an answer they consider only when other things have gone wrong. And it’s not a happy answer.

That’s why women usually find us for help recovering from an abortion about 10 years after their abortion. Because it still hurts – emotionally. Because it was not part of the plan for their lives. So why would you pay the high price with your heart for an abortion on a baby that doesn’t exist? Not knowing is costly to your emotional health.

Add to that the additional reality that positive home pregnancy tests can be misleading if you assume the positive result means you have a viable pregnancy. You can get a positive pregnancy test even if you’re in the process of miscarrying or have already lost the pregnancy.

You see, an abortion on a pregnancy that doesn’t exist or isn’t alive is still an abortion to the woman who receives it. She’ll never know the difference.

But you can know – with a lab-grade pregnancy test and an ultrasound. You don’t have to wonder if your pregnancy test was wrong. Alcove Health Women’s Clinic can give you the answers you need so that you can know what’s going on inside your body. Then you can make a wise choice for your wallet and your heart.

Even more, all of Alcove Health’s medical services (pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and STI testing) are available at no cost to you. So you don’t have to make a decision based on incorrect or incomplete information. You could be one of these 15 women – call or click here to make an appointment today for your confidential appointment. Get the answers you deserve.

By Sherri, Client Relations Manager

March 22, 2022



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