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There is Hope - Surrendering Your Secret

Abortion regret is real. Post Abortion Syndrome is a term for women who are struggling with the aftermath of abortion. It has been likened to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by medical professionals because many women experience those symptoms. A woman doesn’t need technical terms to explain their feelings.  “Women can experience ‘impacted grieving’ which includes the inability to complete the grieving process” according to David C. Reardon, Ph.D. The fact that you are reading this blog means you are probably concerned or questioning your abortion. Know this, you are not alone – and healing is possible! 

These are common struggles of women who have had an abortion, do you experience any of the following:

  • Anniversary reactions: either the abortion date or the due date
  • Guilt because of morality, anger, or sorrow.
  • Anxiety (which causes: headaches, dizziness, pounding heart, abdominal cramps, muscle tightening, difficulty sleeping)
  • Anxiety over fertility issues (having future children – or inability to conceive)
  • Experiencing deep sense of loss, or prolonged periods of depression.
  • Nightmares
  • Flashbacks
  • Resentment or anger toward people involved in the abortion (father, friends, parents, or even medical team)
  • Avoid children
  • Avoid pregnant women
  • Unable to bond with children, either overprotective or feeling detached
  • Wanting to replace the baby lost to abortion

Before your abortion, you may have been supported by someone or encouraged to have the abortion.  But in the aftermath, you don’t have their support in your suffering.  There is silence that surrounds your abortion.  People may have said, “you made the best choice” and yet you have regret? We freely talk about illness, relationships, children, or political views but tend to avoid talking about our abortion.  But no more…

THERE IS HOPE.  You do not have to carry this abortion regret alone anymore.  Thousands of women have sought out help and found healing and relief.  At Alcove Health we offer Surrendering The Secret, a study that enables women to release the abortion regret and find freedom.  This powerful, redemptive time with others enables each hurting woman to find a personal path to healing.  You can recover.  It’s your time.

Call 757-591-8141 to find out when the next study is available. 


On the other hand, if you have just taken a positive pregnancy test and be contemplating an abortion we are here for you today.   We are a safe space to process your feelings and ask questions in a judgment-free zone.   At Alcove Health Women’s Clinic, you’ll receive medically-evidenced information to make the best decision during your FREE options consultation.  This includes a pregnancy confirmation and ultrasound.  We see you and we want to help!   

Facing an unplanned pregnancy? Click here to make a no-cost appointment at Alcove Health in Newport News, Virginia.

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