Woman on phone searching for a place to get a free pregnancy test

Where Can I Get A Free Pregnancy Test?

You Can Get a Medical Grade Pregnancy Test for FREE at Alcove Health

A positive result for a pregnancy test may send you running in all directions trying to find a quick solution to your problem.

But slow down. Or, as my parents used to say, “Hold your horses.” Not sure how we got that expression, but I sure know what it means. And it may never be more important to slow down than during the frenzy that often comes after getting an unexpected positive pregnancy test.

Especially if the positive test is also unwanted.

Before you start making a plan, though, you need to make sure the information you have is accurate. It’s hard to get an answer right if you start out with incorrect information.

Home pregnancy tests are good. There are times though, when you may not want to trust your situation to anyone other than a professional.

That’s where we come in. Alcove Health A Women’s Clinic provides confidential and free pregnancy tests – no gimmicks, we promise. And not just any kind of test, but a reliable, lab-grade pregnancy test administered by a Registered Nurse. For when you need to be confident that the answer you have is accurate.

So call us. Today. We’ll set up an appointment for you. You’ll find a safe place to process your options, get medically accurate information, and get a reliable answer to your pregnancy test.

Why double-check? Because every month, we see women who think they are pregnant, but test negative here in our clinic. This test is important. We can help you be certain.

Oh, and we offer free ultrasounds, too! If your test is positive, you can get all the information you need to make a wise decision. Right here in our clinic. All for free.

So don’t wait another day wondering if you can trust your pregnancy test – call us today!

Click here to make a no-cost appointment today at Alcove Health in Newport News, Virginia – or call 757-591-8141.

By Sheri, Client Advocate

January 21, 2021



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