Does abortion make me unpregnant?


Will Abortion Make Me Unpregnant?

Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?  The idea that you can become unpregnant by having an abortion.  After all, abortion is just the end of a pregnancy.  If you end the pregnancy, you won’t be pregnant anymore.  Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

Yes, an abortion will mean you are no longer pregnant.  Depending on the type of abortion, it may happen quickly through a surgical procedure, or it may happen over time through a series of medications that stop the development of the pregnancy and then expel the pregnancy from your body.

But in a sense, you can never really become unpregnant. You can end the pregnancy physically, yet it’s not always possible to end it emotionally or spiritually.  For the rest of your life, this pregnancy will be a part of your story, a part of your past.  There is no turning back the clock.  Each time you are asked on a medical form, you will need to include information about this pregnancy in order to give your doctor a complete medical history.   So while you can end the pregnancy, you cannot undo it.

If you find yourself facing an unplanned pregnancy you will need to face three very different options:  abortion, adoption, and parenting.  It is important for you to know that all three options have life-long consequences. Each option will come with its own set of unique challenges.  And while you can’t technically become unpregnant, there is one thing you can do.  You can give yourself the time and space you need to thoroughly process each of your options. 

If you want a judgement-free safe place to do that, give Alcove Health a call.  You will be able to meet with a trained client advocate who will hear your story and help you unpack how each option might look in your unique situation.  You will also meet with a Registered Nurse who will give you medically accurate information.  And we will do it all at no cost to you.  Click HERE to make your free appointment or click to call 757-591-8141

Facing an unplanned pregnancy? Click here to make a no-cost appointment today at Alcove Health in Newport News, Virginia.

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