Unplanned Pregnancy in Williamsburg, Virginia

Unplanned Pregnancy in Williamsburg, Virginia

Where do you turn to figure out what to do?

Williamsburg, Virginia is known for its history and tourism. But a positive pregnancy test with an unplanned pregnancy in Williamsburg can make every other local activity fade into the background.

So where do you turn to figure out what to do?

Alcove Health Women’s Clinic is conveniently located several miles down the road in Newport News. We understand that a positive pregnancy test can be really stressful and make you feel like your whole life just got turned upside down.

And one way to lessen your stress?

Make a plan to do something. Call us.

If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy in Williamsburg, rather than worrying if your pregnancy test is accurate, or stressing over your options, or wondering if you even have a viable pregnancy – contact us here at Alcove Health. We’ll make you an appointment that can answer your questions and provide you with the safe space to process your feelings and understand all your options.

We provide support and medical services – like lab-grade pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and STI testing.

And while Williamsburg can be pricey, our services are not. In fact, we provide every single service at no cost. That’s right – you get all the services you need to make the best decision for your reproductive health without paying a single penny. That’s why we’re the best first call for any woman facing an unplanned pregnancy in Williamsburg.

Oh, and we don’t accept insurance payments either. This means there are no insurance bills mailed to your home – which may be especially important for you if you’re a student at the College of William and Mary. We know your privacy is important to you – and it’s important to us, too. After all, how can you rest when you’re worried about your privacy?

When you call Alcove Health, you can rest your wallet and your mind. So, call us today. Lack of knowledge is stressful and dangerous. Give yourself the space and opportunity to get the no-cost medical services you need and deserve. We can help with that. Contact us by clicking here or calling today!

By Sherri, Client Advocate

April 19, 2022



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