Facing an unplanned pregnancy in Newport News, Virginia

Unplanned Pregnancy in Newport News, Virginia

About 1,700 Newport News women face unplanned pregnancies every year.

You may be one of these women. Wondering what to do with a pregnancy you didn’t plan and you may not want.

If you’re living in Newport News, here’s a great option for you – Alcove Health Women’s Clinic. We’re conveniently located right here in the center of the city. What’s more, all of our services are provided with confidentiality and they’re completely free.

It’s the best first call you can make as a pregnant woman.

At Alcove Health Women’s Clinic, you can find a safe space to get medically accurate information and support so you can make an informed decision that’s good for your reproductive health.  You can get a pregnancy test, an ultrasound, and education about all of your options.  All without ever leaving the area.

And what’s more, when you come to our local clinic, we can help you connect with additional resources through our community partners here in Newport News.

Real care, tailored to your individual needs – that’s what Alcove Health provides.

An unplanned pregnancy may be just the tip of the iceberg for you. Other stressors in your life may weigh heavy on you as well. Alcove Health can help you get the help you need. We have connections to local resources for food, housing assistance, medical insurance – and so much more!

This is our area. We live in the area we serve and we want to connect local women will all the resources they need. Pregnancy may be the first thing on your mind, but it’s probably not the only thing on your mind. Life with an unplanned pregnancy is complicated. We can help you find the assistance you need –  right here in Newport News. Call us today.

Facing an unplanned pregnancy? Click here to make a no-cost appointment in Newport News, Virginia at Alcove Health today.

By Sherri, Client Advocate



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