Can I Get an Abortion in Virginia Without Telling My Parents

Can I get an abortion in Virginia without telling my parents?
Can I get an abortion in Virginia without telling my parents?


you can’t get an abortion without someone’s consent

Current state law in Virginia requires any woman under the age of 18 to get an adult’s permission before she gets an abortion – even if that adult is a local judge.

Here are the current consent requirements for Virginia minors:

Virginia – Your state requires that one of your parents or a grandparent or adult sibling with whom you live give permission for your abortion, and separately that one parent or a grandparent or adult sibling with whom you live be told of your decision 24 hours before the abortion takes place. A judge can excuse you from both of these requirements.

So if you are looking for an abortion and you’re under 18, you can’t get an abortion without someone’s consent –  but you can get an abortion consultation. You can also get the medical services and accurate information you need prior to an abortion – and at Alcove Health women’s clinic you don’t need anyone’s consent for these services.

Here at Alcove Health, you can get a pregnancy testultrasound, medical consult, and options information all for free. We respect your right to privacy, so all of our services are confidential. That’s right, you don’t need anyone’s permission to receive services at Alcove Health Women’s Clinic. No one will know except the people YOU choose to tell.

Look, we can’t change the law. But we can help you get what you need within the limits of the law. You can get medical services and accurate medical information – for free – without anyone’s permission. It’s important for you to know that women come into our clinic and sometimes find that their pregnancy test is actually negative, or their pregnancy is not viable (meaning the pregnancy is ending on its own). Almost 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage. The information you gain at our clinic may reveal you don’t even need an abortion.

Though you don’t need your parent’s permission, you do need confidential, accurate, medical care. We can provide that. Then, equipped with accurate information, you will know how to best have a conversation with your parents. It just makes sense. Contact Alcove Health Women’s clinic today so we can make you the confidential appointment you need. By the way, since our services are provided at no charge, we don’t accept or file insurance claims. This means you don’t have to worry about an insurance company contacting your parents, either. When we say our services are confidential, we mean it.

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By Sherri, Client Advocate



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