Conceiving of Conception

What is conception?
What is conception?

Conceiving of Conception

the action of conceiving a child or of a child being conceived

What is conception? Conception is when the egg is penetrated by a single sperm, resulting in pregnancy. Conception is when all genetic information is determined, sex, hair color, etc.

When having intercourse, you’re most likely to get pregnant/conceive at the time of ovulation (when an egg is released from your ovaries). Ovulation usually occurs 12 to 14 days before your next period starts. If you notice a thin, clear or white, slippery discharge, you are likely about to ovulate, which means you have a very good chance of getting pregnant.

The egg survives for up to 24 hours after it is released from the ovary and the 184 MILLION sperm he ejaculated can live up to 3-5 days inside the woman. This means there is a window before and after you ovulate that you can get pregnant because the sperm live so long. If you do not want to get pregnant, this is a VERY BAD TIME to have unprotected sex.

Scenario: “I had my period on July 15th and then I had sex with my boyfriend on July 23rd and my ex-boyfriend on July 27th, can I be pregnant and who is the father of the baby.”

Answer: YES, you can be pregnant and there will be no way of knowing for sure the father of the baby is until you get a DNA test.

If you are considering an abortion and have questions about conception, we are here to help with an abortion consultation and a free ultrasound. Click HERE to book your completely no-cost appointment. 

By Kinta, RN, BSN



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Unplanned Pregnancy

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Let’s Talk About Sex

Young couple in bed having sex
Young couple in bed having sex

Let's Talk About Sex

It's Everywhere, Right?

We see it on TV, in magazines, there are even apps for it like Tinder and CasualX. So it’s what everyone does right?

Question. So if we all say “Yes” to sex before marriage does all the guilt, disappointment, diseases, and pregnancies that come with it, disappear? Nope!

So how does sex make YOU feel? Used? Confused? Angry? Lonely?

There is nothing wrong with you! Yes, there may be times you actually enjoy it but does it last? Does he last (erm, not just in the moment but long term)? MANY women feel like you, yet most are not honest, not even their friends.

A pep talk . . . As women, we want to feel cared for, loved, and accepted for us being us. Yet let’s be real, most guys just want sex. Not you, but “her”. There I said it.

Biology Lesson 101: Men are made to have a strong sex drive and yes, they think about it A LOT! But news flash – they don’t have to have sex with you because they want it, you have a choice.

You want a relationship, I know, yet sex happens. Phone calls stop, the conversation stops and before you know it, every time you are alone together, things go from zero to sex. Then the inevitable happens. You guys break up. Then you meet someone else and it happens all over again, he meets someone else and it happens all over again . . . see the pattern? Do you want to get off that hamster wheel?

You can.

Girls and Guys have conflicting goals. Ever heard that saying, “Men give love to get sex and women give sex to get love”? It’s true in most cases. Men come and go, but you are stuck with you. Who you are on the inside, your character, self-respect, hopes, and dreams; they all make you, YOU.

When you know who you are, then how you feel about yourself doesn’t depend on the guy you’re with. If you have had many partners, YOU CAN STILL START OVER!

That’s the Good News. Oh but wait, there’s more . . . YOUR FUTURE IS FROM THIS MOMENT FORWARD.

You CAN commit to saving yourself for that “special” someone, even marriage. How? I hear you ask, and who does that nowadays, isn’t that old fashioned? Nope. Just Say No to sex and say Yes to:

1. Recognizing that everyone in life makes mistakes, the mature person learns from those mistakes. You can change. Your heart can become whole again.

2. Freedom from unwanted pregnancies and STDs. If you’re having sex and think you may be pregnant, please contact Alcove Health Women’s Clinic for your free pregnancy test – we’ll also offer free STI/STD testing at the same time!

3. Figure out what makes YOU feel good, things that make you proud.

4. Understand that only you control your body. You owe no guy anything because he took you out. You are worth taking out simply because of who you are on the inside and not what you have to offer. Don’t be surprised if he calls you again to ask you back out – Guys like women who respect themselves and have a voice. Do it, girl! I got your back!

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and need help now, click here.

By Shantelle, Clinic Director



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