Cramping in Early Pregnancy

Pregnancy cramping
Pregnancy cramping

Cramping in Early Pregnancy

"Understanding the difference between 'normal cramping' and 'abnormal cramping' is important."

So many changes are taking place in your body. Cramping in early pregnancy is a common discomfort many people experience as the uterus grows.  It often feels like pulling or pressure in the lower abdomen or lower back and tends to come and go. The uterus is expanding and its muscle is contracting as it accommodates your changing pregnancy. It can often feel like your typical menstrual cramping and is usually considered normal.

Uterine cramping can also be caused by urinary tract or yeast infection, constipation, exercise, and sexual intercourse. As long as the symptoms are mild and temporary, it’s probably not a cause for concern. Here are some ideas to soothe mild symptoms:

      • sit, lie down or change positions
      • soak in a warm bath
      • relaxation exercises
      • place a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel on the ache
      • drink plenty of fluids

Understanding the difference between “normal cramping” and “abnormal cramping” is important.  Here are some signs to be concerned about:

      • the pain becomes very intense
      • pain is focused on one side of the abdomen/pelvis
      • is accompanied by bleeding or other unusual vaginal discharge
      • is no longer intermittent (is not going away)
      • you experience dizziness or lightheadedness
      • you have diarrhea or burning on urination

These symptoms should be evaluated by a Health Care Provider to rule out a possible miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, or infection.

If you’re experiencing “normal cramping” in early pregnancy, but are unsure about whether you want to continue your pregnancy, Alcove Health can help by providing medical services and an abortion consultation.  Alcove Health offers confidential consults with an Advocate, a Registered Nurse, Pregnancy Testing, STD Testing, Ultrasounds, and Physician Referral Resources- all at no charge.

Make Alcove Health in Newport News your first contact! You’ll keep all your options. You’ll pay nothing and you’ll gain everything you need to make a decision that’s right for you. Call us today to make your appointment!

By Meg, RN, BSN

September 22, 2021



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