The Adoption Myth #1

The ADoption Myth #1

I Could Never Give My Baby Away

And we don’t want you to! You will be ‘placing’ your baby in very loving arms, not ‘giving’ him/her away. Let’s talk more…

When facing an unplanned pregnancy it’s often only two options in her mind; abortion or parenting.  But there is a third option that is often overlooked – adoption.  Most women find the idea too difficult to seriously consider and that she’s a ‘bad person’ to even think about “giving my baby away”.  This is one of many myths associated with adoption.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Did you know that one report from Adoptive Families Magazine found that domestic infant adoption costs families an average of $43,000? Crazy expensive right! This cost is for attorneys, physicians, courts, social workers, administrators, and many more who are involved in the process. Families who make the decision to add to their homes through adoption are spending tremendous resources to bring this baby home.  So your baby is very wanted! 

So if adoption is not a free gift, what is it?  In reality, adoption is a parenting decision, and not an easy one.  You and the father-of-the-baby literally get to CHOOSE WHO the adoptive parents for your child will be.  Perhaps it feels like a free gift because it is so incredibly selfless.  Is that you?   

So if you find yourself facing an unplanned pregnancy and think you only have two viable options, think again.  Adoption is a third option you may have overlooked and it may very well be the best option for your situation. If you’re considering adoption, we want to be your first call so you can receive your free ultrasound and options consultation.

Here at Alcove Health Women’s Clinic, we are a safe place to process your unplanned pregnancy.  You deserve medically-evidenced information to make your best pregnancy decision. We will provide options consultation, pregnancy testing, an ultrasound, parenting support, and more. All for free and with total confidentiality.

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By Sheri, Client Advocate



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