Should I Keep My Baby

Should I Keep My Baby

"You don’t want to make a permanent decision based on temporary feelings or circumstances"

Should I Keep My Baby?

Facing an unplanned pregnancy is overwhelming. You may feel afraid, shocked, or embarrassed.  You may just feel numb.  You try to not think about it, but you know you have to. Whatever you are feeling, you don’t have to do this alone. You need a safe space to process and learn about all your options. 

Before you decide, you need to talk to someone who can help you…..

      • identify and understand your thoughts and feelings
      • consider how each choice would affect you and your pregnancy
      • research  information on all your options and learn about available resources

Don’t Panic

This is probably the most important decision you will ever make. You don’t want to make a permanent decision based on temporary feelings or circumstances. If you’re asking yourself, “Should I keep my baby?” an abortion consultation can help you process your feelings and understand your options. You have options and you have time to think them over before you decide. 

Don’t Give Up

Your life is not over. You CAN still achieve your goals and dreams.  One great thing about goals is that they can be adjusted or postponed. It will be more challenging, but you can still achieve your dreams. 

Don’t Give In 

Friends, family members, or your partner may have strong emotions and thoughts about what you should do. But this is your decision to make. YOU will live with your choice for the rest of your life. Remember everyone has OPINIONS, but it is important that you know the FACTS, to make an educated choice!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

You don’t have to do this alone. You can receive free and confidential services along with medically proven information to help you make the best decision.  We provide a judgement-free supportive environment for you to consider your options to make an informed decision. Give us a call. We see you and we want to help. 

At Alcove Health Women’s Clinic in Newport News, we provide a safe space for you to process your options, along with the medically accurate information you need to make an informed decision.  Call us today at 757-591-8141 to schedule your free appointment.  

By Karen, Client Advocate



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