My Boyfriends Wants Me To Get An Abortion


"Will he leave me if I don’t get the abortion? Will I resent him for getting an abortion I don’t want?"

Neither of you planned to get pregnant. The actual unplanned part is what makes an unplanned pregnancy so tough – on you and your relationship. This is exactly why an abortion consultation can be so helpful – especially if he wants you to get an abortion and you’re not sure.

Earlier in the relationship, you may have discussed what you’d do “just in case” you got pregnant.

You may have even talked about a plan. We’ll get an abortion. It was simpler then.

But now, with a positive pregnancy test in front of you, a real pregnancy feels very different from the idea of a pregnancy.

The more you think about it, the more you don’t want the abortion.

He’s not unsure at all, though. 

He wants you to get an abortion.  

It may seem like this is a no-win situation. Either you give in or he gives in – and he’s not budging, so you wrestle with so many thoughts. Will he leave me if I don’t get the abortion? Will he stay and resent me? Will I resent him for getting an abortion I don’t want?

All good questions that are worthy of answers. So what do you do with those questions and how can you work through answers? 

You request a no-cost appointment at Alcove Health Women’s Clinic and bring him with you to the appointment. 

Why? Because for decades we’ve been helping women – and men – in unplanned pregnancies and we’ve found that a lot of pregnancy disagreements come from not communicating well and not understanding factual information.

So rather than make a decision based on shock, fear, wrong information – or even a previous agreement – you can find a safe space at Alcove Health for both of you to process your feelings and learn all your options. You can have an honest conversation based on medically-evidenced information and medical services. 


You deserve it. Even though it is tough. Even though it may feel like giving in will make things easier for the relationship. This decision is life-changing and deserves more than a quick fix. It’s worth the hard work to understand one another well.

And then, what if you still don’t see eye-to-eye? What if you still disagree? Well, you’ll know you’ve worked hard to communicate. You will understand everything you need to know and you won’t be alone. 

Because you’re not alone. We see you and we want to help.

Call Alcove Health in Newport News as your first contact. You’ll keep all your options. You’ll pay nothing. 

And you’ll gain everything you need to make a decision that’s right for you.

By Sherri, Client Relations Manager



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