Pregnant and considering abortion? But your boyfriend doesn't want you to?

My Boyfriend Doesn't Want Me To Abort

You thought it was a straightforward and easy decision

So you took the test and got the answer. You’re pregnant. The answer you dreaded. Suddenly, your whole life is turned upside down. You’d always imagined what you would do if you got in this spot. You thought it was a straightforward and easy decision.  Until… you told your boyfriend. Suddenly, the simple answer gets messy.  You are sure what you want to do. He’s sure, too. He’s sure he doesn’t want you to have an abortion.

Now what?

You know the clock is ticking. You know you need to make a decision. You also know that legally you can make this decision alone, without him. The thing is, you really care about your boyfriend. Right? I mean, you care about how he feels and you know he cares about you. When you try to talk about it, though, it just seems to get nowhere.

You just need a safe space to sort everything out. Together. To hear and be heard. A place where you and your boyfriend can get an abortion consultation. We see you and we want to help.

There is a safe space to process all your options, talk about everything, and get medically-evidenced information. For BOTH of you. This is something the two of you can work out together. After all, you got into it together, right? That place is Alcove Health Women’s Clinic. It’s a clinic for women, but men are always welcome to come along. All he needs is to have you include him.

Alcove Health Women’s Clinic respects that women live in relationships. We honor these relationships. We know that people make confident decisions together when everyone involved has truthful information. After all, many women continue in their relationships AFTER they make their pregnancy decision – whether it’s an abortion, parenting, or adoption. Doesn’t it make sense to make a decision with that end in mind?

Choosing abortion isn’t as simple as some make it seem. Wouldn’t you like to work it out with your boyfriend, in a judgement-free place where you both can process your options, ask questions, and be informed? There’s a lot to think about, but our team of trained staff and nurses are ready to help.  You owe it to yourself to take a moment, breathe, and allow your boyfriend to do the same. Get the facts. Know the truth.

Call 757-591-8141 or click HERE to schedule your free and confidential appointment – with services including a pregnancy test, options consultation, and ultrasound.

We’re eager to see you both.

By Sherri, Client Advocate



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