Unplanned Pregnancy near Hampton Roads

Unplanned Pregnancy in Hampton, Virginia?

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Where can I get Help with an Unplanned Pregnancy in Hampton, Virginia?

There are a lot of reasons to come to Hampton, Virginia. 

If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, here’s a great reason to not leave the area – Alcove Health Women’s Clinic.

An unplanned pregnancy, by its nature is unexpected. And unexpected can be scary. Knowing where to turn in unplanned and scary times is really important. If you live in Hampton, VA, the best place you can turn to is Alcove Health – located in the city right next door!  

Why Alcove Health? For a lot of reasons. For one, all of their services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL. Of all the times in your life where you will want free and confidential, probably none is more important than when you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and trying to decide what to do. With over 1100 Hampton women facing unplanned pregnancies every year, Alcove Health has served a lot of your neighbors!

Alcove Health provides you with medically accurate information so you can make the best decision for your reproductive health . This includes a safe space to process your options – isn’t that what we all need when trying to make this type of decision?

An appointment with Alcove Health will also get you a pregnancy test and a same day possible ultrasound. But wait – why do you need an ultrasound if you think you might want an abortion? Glad you asked – because without an ultrasound you don’t know what you don’t know. How can you make a decision without accurate information? There are so many unanswered questions that matter, like: Is my pregnancy even in the right place (if not, that’s a different medical situation altogether)? How far along am I (this will determine some of your options)? Is the pregnancy even viable (a fancy word for meaning you are not in the middle of a miscarriage)? 

These questions are important. You owe it to yourself to get answers – in a safe space – so you can make a decision based on correct information.

More good news – Alcove Health Women’s Clinic is located in Newport News, Virginia, just a few minutes from Hampton. It’s close and convenient. 

Why does visiting a local clinic, close to Hampton, even matter? Because Alcove Health will also be able to direct you toward other local resources you may need – like food assistance, family services,  and emergency housing assistance – all right here in Hampton, Virginia.  


Call Alcove Health a Women’s Clinic today at 757-591-8141 or to schedule online click HERE for your free appointment.

By Sherri, Client Advocate


11747 Jefferson Avenue, Suite 3H

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