I’m pregnant and my boyfriend is in jail

I’m Pregnant And My Boyfriend Is In Jail

You are not alone, and this situation happens more often than you may think.

Right now, there may be several thoughts going through your mind. You are not alone, and this situation happens more often than you may think. We want you to know we are here for you. You may be afraid to go through pregnancy alone, you may be afraid to go through birth alone, or you may even be afraid that your boyfriend is not the father. If your boyfriend is in jail and you’re considering an abortion, one of the first places to start is with a free abortion consultation.

If you are feeling scared, alone, or even embarrassed, take a deep breath and a moment to call Alcove Women’s Health Clinic. We can help you process your thoughts and emotions as well as help you with any medical questions you may have. 

Making a pregnancy decision is permanent, but try not to make a rash decision based on temporary circumstances and try not to allow the actions of others to dictate your future. Our trained client advocates can help you process this situation, and our registered nurses can help you get answers. During your confidential consultation you will have a safe space to process your feelings and ask questions in complete privacy.

At Alcove Health Women’s Clinic, we hear you and we know you want to get answers to all your questions. We know you need support – especially if you are trying to make a pregnancy decision. All our services are at no cost to you and our trained client advocates can also help you with over 300 community resources.

Since your boyfriend is in jail, you may also be concerned that he is not the father. At Alcove Health, we provide no-cost medical services including ultrasounds. Early pregnancy ultrasounds are the most accurate way to measure the age of the pregnancy. Knowing the age of the pregnancy gives the best-estimated conception date. And with a conception date, you will likely have the information you need to determine the father.

At Alcove Health Women’s Clinic in Newport News, we provide a safe space for you to process your options, along with the medically accurate information you need to make an informed decision. It can be unsettling going through an unplanned pregnancy, especially if your boyfriend is in jail. We’re here to support you.  Call us today  or go online to schedule your no-cost appointment. 

By Sylvia, Client Advocate

March 29, 2022



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