I’m afraid I’m pregnant, do I need an STI test?

I’m afraid I’m pregnant, do I need an STI test?

If it's possible that you may be pregnant, it's also possible that you may have an STI

There are some things in life that you absolutely must know for sure! There is no room for guessing games, no space for maybes. Some things are just too important. Knowing whether or not you are pregnant is definitely at the top of the list. And knowing if you have an STI is next in line. If it is possible that you may be pregnant, it is also possible that you may have an STI. Let’s face it. If you’ve had unprotected sex, you need an STI test and a pregnancy test.

Let us help you get the answers you need. Alcove Health Women’s Clinic provides free and confidential pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, options consultations, and STI testing. These services will answer the pregnancy question and help you get the information you need to decide your next steps.

You may be so concerned with a pregnancy, that you’re not even thinking about an STI. But you should. Here’s why:

    • You can have an STI without knowing it. You can have an STI and have no symptoms. According to the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion most STIs “either do not produce any symptoms or signs, or they produce symptoms so mild that they are unnoticed”.   
    • You may have symptoms, but mistakenly think the symptoms are related to something else.
    • You or your partner may have passed on an infection from a previous sexual partner, without knowing it. Don’t just take his word!
    • An STI can be spread in more than one way. Many STIs can spread through oral sex.
    • It’s important to TEST and RETEST! The Center for Disease Control recommends that persons who have been treated for chlamydia and gonorrhea retest 3 months after being treated.

Whether or not you are pregnant or have an STI are not the kinds of questions you want to leave unanswered. An untreated STI can lead to serious medical conditions  which can impact your health, both now and later. It may feel a little embarrassing to talk about, but protecting your sexual health is worth a little discomfort.

    • In 2018, 26 million cases of STIs were reported to the CDC. Over half of those cases were reported in young adults, ages 15 to 24.
    • In 2019, 1,808,703 cases of chlamydia and 616,392 cases of gonorrhea were reported to the Center for Disease Control. Almost 2/3 of the chlamydia cases were in people ages 15 to 24.

Get a pregnancy test and an STI test so you can know for sure. Call Alcove Health Women’s Clinic. We provide free and confidential pregnancy tests and STI testing. If your STI test is positive, we can also provide you with information on where to go to receive confidential treatment. Alcove Health Women’s Clinic understands this is a sensitive subject and we are waiting to provide a safe, supportive, judgement-free space for you to get the answers you need, so you can know for sure. Click here to request your confidential appointment today.

By Karen, Client Advocate

February 15, 2022



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