There are a lot of pregnancy symptoms, is nausea one of them?

I Am So Nauseous - Is This A Pregnancy Symptom?

Stomach Bug? COVID? Pregnancy Symptom?

It’s a terrible feeling. Nausea. It comes and it goes. One thing you know for sure is that something is going on in your body because the nausea isn’t normal for you. Is it a stomach bug? COVID? Pregnancy Symptom?

Could you be pregnant? If you weren’t planning to get pregnant, just thinking about being pregnant may make you feel even more nauseous. So how can you be sure?

If you have been sexually active and you’ve missed your period, you may be pregnant. While every pregnant woman doesn’t experience nausea, up to 70% experience nausea at some point during early pregnancy. It is known to be one of the early signs of pregnancy.

But, you think to yourself, I’m not just nauseated in the morning. Don’t pregnant women only experience nausea in the morning? You have a good point. After all, they call it morning sickness, right? Yes, it is called morning sickness, but it can occur at any time during the day. Misleading, right?

While there are a variety of reasons that you may be nauseated, you don’t have to wait and wonder if you are pregnant. If you’re experiencing nausea, and you think you’re pregnant, contact Alcove Health for a free pregnancy test (lab-grade).You can find out and know for sure.

Alcove Health Women’s Clinic is the first call for pregnant women.  Alcove Health Women’s Clinic is a safe, judgement-free place to get medically evidenced information, process your options, ask questions, and be informed. All at no cost to you; all provided in a confidential setting. Why spend another day wondering if you are pregnant? Call today and make an appointment so you can know for sure.

Facing an unplanned pregnancy? Click here to make a no-cost appointment today.

By Sherri, Client Advocate



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