Man and woman disagreeing over getting an abortion

Can My Boyfriend Make Me Get an Abortion?

His loud voice can seem louder than yours. But your voice is still there. And your voice matters.

From the moment you thought you might be pregnant, your boyfriend’s words have centered on one option: abortion. He’s loud and relentless. He’s confident it’s the right choice. But you’re not. Looking at the pregnancy test, you wonder, “Can my boyfriend make me get an abortion?”

No, no he can’t.

Repeat that to yourself: “My boyfriend can’t make me get an abortion.”

He can insist, he can yell, he can argue – but he still doesn’t have the legal or moral right to pressure you into having an abortion. Even if you agreed to abort before you knew you were pregnant. Even if you agreed to abort yesterday, for that matter.

The law is clear. In the U.S. It is illegal for your boyfriend – or anyone else – to force you to get an abortion.

It’s not just wrong – it’s against the law. As in, it’s criminal.

Legal abortion requires you – the woman carrying the pregnancy – to consent to the procedure done to your body.

But what about emotional pressure? There’s a lot of manipulation and gaslighting that can happen without him actually putting you in a car and dragging you into an abortion clinic.

We listen to our clients and we’ve heard the things he says: “I’ll leave you if you don’t have an abortion” or “I’m not going to help you if you have the baby.” Or this one: “We’ll get married if you abort, and then we can start a family.”

All from him. His loud words in her head pushing her toward the outcome he wants – abortion.

An unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming. Add to that all the concerns you have running through your head about him. What if he leaves? What if he won’t support the baby? What if… so many what-ifs about him.

His loud voice can seem louder than yours. But your voice is still there. And your voice matters.

I have some questions for you: Aren’t you tired? Wouldn’t you like a chance to clear your head and be heard? Doesn’t it matter what’s going on inside your heart and head?

See, you can’t make someone else listen, but you can choose a different audience. We want to be that audience. Here at Alcove Health Women’s Clinic, every woman is seen and heard. We’ve helped thousands of local women with their pregnancies – wanted pregnancies and unwanted pregnancies.

We’re all about you.

You’re not alone and you can still live out your story. But this is your story. Don’t let someone else write it. Sacrifice and compromise are important in relationships – but not sacrifices that wreck your heart, mind, and body. You deserve better than that. You deserve real support and real hope.

Contact us today for your no-cost appointment to discuss your options and receive the medical services you need (like a pregnancy test, ultrasound, and STI/STD testing) to make a safe decision for your reproductive health. We want to hear you and we’re here for you. Call us today.

By Sherri, Client Relations Manager

February 1st, 2022



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