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Women's Rights

Can I bring a guest to my appointment? Should I bring my baby's Dad?

Can I Bring a Guest?

One of our goals is to ease your worries by welcoming one guest to support you during your appointment. Alcove Health 757-591-8141

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Looking for accurate information in a safe, judgment-free setting? Alcove Health is the place to go!

Judgement-Free Pregnancy Center

If you find yourself facing an unplanned pregnancy and you want a truly judgement free, safe place to process your options, call Alcove Health at 757-591-8141.

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Young couple in bed having sex

Let’s Talk About Sex

It's everywhere, right? We see it on TV, in magazines, there are even apps for it like Tinder and CasualX. So it’s what everyone does right? Question. So if we all say “Yes” to sex before marriage does all the guilt, disappointment, diseases, and pregnancies that come with it, disappear? Nope! So...

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