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Young woman on laptop during a telabortion call


Telabortion is a research study that sells abortions without any in-person care. Alcove Health provides pregnancy options 757-591-8141.

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Abortion Pill Reversal is not a myth - it is real.

Abortion Pill Reversal Near Me

Abortion Pill Reversal Is Is Possible! Did you know that it’s possible to reverse the effects of the abortion pill?!  That’s right.  If you experience regret after taking the first medication in the medical abortion process- RU486 (also known as Mifeprex)-  it is possible to counteract its effects and continue the pregnancy. ...

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Does abortion make me unpregnant?


Will abortion make a person unpregnant? For the rest of your life, this pregnancy will be a part of your story

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Abortion regret

Abortion Regret

Abortion regret is real and is known as Post Abortion Stress Syndrome. However, there is hope and healing found at Alcove Health.

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Information on the abortion pill, which is two medications used to perform a medical abortion

The Abortion Pill

Have you ever wondered what the abortion pill does and how it works? Well, the term is called, Medical Abortion and it's used for under 10 weeks gestation, it's actually a combination of two different medications, taken two days apart.

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