Alcohol and pregnancy do not mix!

Alcohol & Pregnancy

No amount of alcohol is safe in pregnancy, including while you’re trying to get pregnant and in the early phases of pregnancy.  There is no safe window of time to drink during pregnancy, and all types of alcohol (beer/wine) are equally harmful.  Alcohol in the mother’s bloodstream passes to the developing baby’s bloodstream.  It can interfere with the development of the brain, other critical organs, and physiological systems. The effects can range from developmental, behavioral problems, and intellectual disabilities that can last a lifetime. Scientists define this spectrum of symptoms as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome/Disorder. Prenatal alcohol exposure can also increase your risk for miscarriage and stillbirth.

If you are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant, and find that it is impossible to stop drinking, talk with your doctor who can help. It is important to get treatment to stop drinking as soon as possible. There are programs available to help pregnant women stop drinking (for example, the “12-step program” of Alcoholics Anonymous) can provide support.

At Alcove Health, we care about all aspects of your health and would love to help you with appropriate resources. We offer free proof of pregnancy administered by a registered nurse and required by Medicaid and Insurance Providers. Ultrasounds provide the most accurate dating of how far along you are, and whether your pregnancy is viable. You have a big decision to make. We provide a judgement-free, safe place to process your feelings, ask questions and get advice.  

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